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BF Hardline Maps Revealed

Ahead of its March release (and open beta test in there somewhere), the multiplayer maps for Battlefield Hardline have been revealed.


Rather than bombard this post with images and videos, follow this link for the full details:

After BF4’s shocking launch I should steer clear of this one but the whole Cops vs Robbers aspect keeps pulling me back in. I suppose I’ll just have to download the beta when it launches and see what I think.

Dave – NGXN


APB Coming To X1

Free to play PC game APB will be coming to Xbox One later this year (“late Q2” apparently).

The game is your standard Cops vs Criminals affair but supports lobbies of up to 100 players and features sizable open areas.

From what I played of it on PC, its not the best game in the world, but it’s nice to see F2P games like this and Warframe on Microsoft’s console.

Dave – NGXN

Halo 5 Footage

With the release of the Master Chief Collection (copy should be arriving in the post today), 343 have released some multiplayer footage of the upcoming Halo 5.

Opinions will no doubt be mixed on this one. It looks great to me but it does seem similar to Halo 4, which was criticised for being a little too COD-like.

Remember, the Halo 5 beta test will be open for owners of the Chief Collection during the Christmas break. See you on the battlefield!

Dave – NGXN

Elder Scrolls Online – Character Customisation

Zenimax has posted up a new video, showing off the character creation tools in their new title, The Elder Scrolls Online. The series has always had a pretty robust set of creation tools and TESO looks to be no exception.

Its depressing how great it all looks to be honest, as the online subscription fee is a little too steep for my tastes. Those who are prepared to cough up the fee each month however look to be in for a real treat with this one.

Dave – NGXN