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New EU Dying Light Release Date

Following the recent announcement that the physical version of Dying Light would be delayed, we now have a new release date.


From 27th Feb you will be able to pick up a physical copy of the game, a one month delay over the digital and US versions.

On the bright side, it has been announced that the “Be a Zombie” mode, will be freely available for everyone. Previously this was a pre-order bonus, so not a bad gesture.

Depending on the reviews, I might have to grab a copy as I do love my zombie games.

Dave – NGXN


TESO Drops Subscription. Console Release Confirmed

There are very few games out there these days that can get away with having a subscription fee, turns out The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t one of them…


From March onwards, the flailing online RPG will drop its subscription fees, meaning anyone who owns the game will be able to jump online and play whenever they want.

A release date for the console version of the game has finally been given too. After being delayed last year, X1/PS4 owners will finally be able to pick up a copy in June. Not long to wait now.

Dave – NGXN

COD AW Launch Trailer

COD Advanced Warfare is just a couple of weeks away so Activision have released a new launch trailer to get us excited.

I have to say, its looking great and is shaping up to be a refreshing change to the standard COD formula.

Not long to wait now! 🙂

Dave – NGXN

Temple of Osiris Trailer

A new trailer for Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris has been posted up and that game still looks pretty awesome.

We also finally have a proper release date.  December 9th you say? I know what’s going on my Xmas list this year 😉

Dave – NGXN