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RE Revelations 2 RAID Video

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is almost here and so too is the series’ popular RAID mode.

Capcom has released a sizable 20 minute video showing off the mode in action and its looking pretty great to me. The introduction of different elements (Ice, Fire) is certainly a nice touch 🙂

Revelations 2 launches its first chapter next month, while the complete package will release on disk in March.


RE Achievements Spotted


With Resident Evil HD launching in Japan next month, the game’s achievement list has been revealed. Suffice to say, this will not be an easy 1000!

As well as some very straight forward tasks, there are some truly hardcore achievements in there too, such as completing the game without saving, only using the knife, completing speed runs, etc. Should be a very fun and challenging list overall 🙂

It should be noted that there are lots of hidden achievements too, which will no doubt be linked to the game’s various endings and secrets. I’d imagine there will be a few story-progression ones thrown in for good measure as well.

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Evil Within Review Run-Down

The reviews are up for The Evil Within and, overall, they are very positive indeed. As a big horror fan I knew I would personally be buying this game but expected reviews to float around the 6-7/10 mark given the genre.


Instead, websites such as IGN and Gametrailers gave it solid scores (8.7 and 9.0), praising the game’s strong focus on survival. They did mention the storyline was a bit pants but I wasn’t expecting anything less from a Shinji game…

On the other side of the fence, Metro, Polygon and Joystiq all gave the game scores closer to 5/10, saying the visuals and frame rate weren’t great, so its interesting to see how opinions have differed so much.

Overall it sounds like the game nails that concept of survival and feels like a sequel to RE4, so I will definitely be picking up a copy soon – once Alien Isolation has finished kicking my a** that is!! 😀

Dave – NGXN

IGN – RE Remake Preview

A new 3 minute video of the Resident Evil Remake has popped up on IGN’s Youtube channel.

I’m sure people unfamiliar with the older RE games won’t be all that impressed with this one but personally all I can say is “Damn it, why can’t Early 2015 get here sooner?!”

Dave – NGXN