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BF Hardline Maps Revealed

Ahead of its March release (and open beta test in there somewhere), the multiplayer maps for Battlefield Hardline have been revealed.


Rather than bombard this post with images and videos, follow this link for the full details:

After BF4’s shocking launch I should steer clear of this one but the whole Cops vs Robbers aspect keeps pulling me back in. I suppose I’ll just have to download the beta when it launches and see what I think.

Dave – NGXN


RE Achievements Spotted


With Resident Evil HD launching in Japan next month, the game’s achievement list has been revealed. Suffice to say, this will not be an easy 1000!

As well as some very straight forward tasks, there are some truly hardcore achievements in there too, such as completing the game without saving, only using the knife, completing speed runs, etc. Should be a very fun and challenging list overall 🙂

It should be noted that there are lots of hidden achievements too, which will no doubt be linked to the game’s various endings and secrets. I’d imagine there will be a few story-progression ones thrown in for good measure as well.

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Ryse Achievements

Ryse Header

Another day, another achievement list. This time its for Ryse Son of Rome.

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Killer Instinct Achievements Revealed

KI Header

Good grief! The Killer Instinct achievements are now live and boy do they require some grinding. In a way this was to be expected, as the game is going to be updated with regular content in the coming months, but those 2000 matches as each character are certainly going to take a very long time.
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