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Games With Gold On Xbox One

Games With Gold will be coming to the X1 in June.

Microsoft have announced that in June Games With Gold (which will be one year old) is coming to Xbox one. The first two games will be Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault. This time round however you will have to be a gold subscriber to play these titles as you don’t have to be on Xbox 360.

This will bring it more up to par with what Sony are doing with PlayStation Plus, meaning that more high profile and newer games could be available for free!

On another note Microsoft also have stated that they will be issuing discounts to some of it’s games ranging from 25% to 75% off. This will be called Deals With Gold and will change monthly. The first titles to be discounted will be Forza 5 and Ryse.

Good start Microsoft. Keep it coming ūüôā


Skype Group Calling Free To All On X1

Previously group video calling was available on the Xbox One only to those with Xbox Live Gold membership, all of that has changed due to Microsoft allowing any Skype users to perform group video calling across the Xbox One, PC, and Mac for free. Microsoft has made postings that made it clear that they are hoping to spur more group experiences ranging from personal uses to far within the business world.

Peggle 2 DLC Out Now!

A new chunk of Peggle 2 content is out now on the Xbox Live marketplace, giving players access to a new character, new challenges and new achievements.


Priced at a very reasonable ¬£1.59,¬†“The Windy’s Master Pack” unlocks a new¬†fairy character called Windy. Her special¬†ability?¬†Turning¬†boring blue pegs into high scoring¬†purple ones –¬†something which could be¬†ideal for some of the high score challenges.

Personally I love Peggle 2 so the more content the better I say!

Dave – NGXN

Halo Spartan Assault Out Now!


It seems Microsoft cannot wait for Christmas and has decided to release Halo Spartan Assault on the Xbox store a day early.

The game is now on the XBL marketplace for £11.99 and is currently downloading to my Xbox One hard drive.

I wasn’t intending to pick this game up yet but I’m a sucker for twin-stick shooters like this and I had some left over Microsoft credit so decided to take the plunge.

Spartan Assault is a port of the mobile game released earlier this year and features a DLC pack and co-op over XBL (no local co-op, boo!).

Dave – NGXN