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Ryse: Son Of Rome Mocap

There is something about this game that tells me I will like it. I know it has been getting a lot of bad remarks on how it plays but I cant help it.

The visuals look amazing though there is no denying that. It is Crytek after all, Its what they do but sadly not much else. Lets hope they can surprise me on this one.

Anyway I digress. Crytek have released a vid on the mocap processes on the game making it look like a movie. Again lets hope it doesn’t┬áplay like one also when it is released alongside the X1.


Kinect Sports Rivals Pushed Back

Initially due to release alongside the X1 in November, Microsoft has announced that Rare’s “Kinect Sports Rivals” will be pushed back to Spring 2014.

That puts Microsoft in a bit of an interesting position, as it was the only launch title to fully utilize the compulsory Kinect hardware. It was also arguably the only family-friendly title of the bunch, which could hurt initial sales leading up to Christmas.

While many probably won’t care about this news, Kinect Sports was one of the few Kinect games on the Xbox 360 to be, well, not completely rubbish, so I have to say this is a bit of a shame.

Dave – NGXN

X1 Doubles-Up As Dev-Kit

Microsoft seem to have pulled another U-turn, stating that all Xbox One consoles (yes, even the ones you buy off the shelf) will double-up as a “debug” machine. This essentially gives all owners the chance to develop titles for the Xbox One. Sure, there will be hurdles but this is still a big step and a complete turn-around from Microsoft’s previous anti-indie approach.

Of course there are some concerns here: the more open you make your console, the more susceptible it is to malicious code, hacking and piracy. Hopefully nothing will come of it, but I can practically smell the hacking scandal articles already.

Dave – NGXN

Assassins Creed 4 Footage

Dave – NGXN