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Expect Halo At E3

Halo news will be coming at E3 this year, confirmed Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer today via Twitter.

This was expected really. But what Halo game will it be?

Could it be Halo 5 or the rumor that Halo 2 Anniversary is being made? Hell could be both. Halo has been a series that i loved, but have kept my distance from over the years.

Recently Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes let slip of  an anniversary edition of Halo 2 for 2014 and not to get your hopes up for a Halo 5 until 2015.


Wolfenstein: The New Order Is 1080p 60fps

There you see… X1 can do it!

Since this new trend for developers is to say what the frame rate and resoultion is for their games on each platfmorm, Bethesda has stated that Wolfenstein: The New Order will be both 1080p and 60fps on “both” X1 and PS4.

This i have to say is a bit of relief. This will be the first 3rd party title that should look identical on each platform. Phew.

This game does look pretty awsome. If you dont know much about it Dave had put up gameplay footage on NGPN. Go check it out.

Titanfall Gone Gold

Titanfall GoldThe wait is nearly over and now Titanfall has officially gone gold!

Here’s Game Director Steve Fukuda, with one of the first Titanfall Xbox One discs.

Titanfall, incase you dont know yet will be available in North America on March 11th and Europe on March 14th.

Hope you have reserved your copy 🙂

In addition another vid form EA has appeared where Jessica Chobot talks to the Respawn team about the design of the Titans, and discover where the inspiration came from including how they will influence the final game.

More Battlefield 4 Fixes

Dice have released another patch for Battlefield 4 to address more problems with the game. I got 99 problems but BF4 has…. way too many to count.

EA Joke

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