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Forza 5 Changes Inbound

Forza 5 is certainly one of the stronger X1 launch titles. Personally I don’t really care for it’s Drivatar system (most people decide to play the game like they’re in bumper cars…) but overall its a very pretty racer filled with plenty of content.

One major issue with it currently however is its huge focus on micro-transactions. Typically, players are awarded 7,000 credits for winning a race, but decent vehicles cost around 1,000,000, leaving players no choice but to buy credits with real money unless they wish to grind away for hours.

Turn 10 has fortunately taken this feedback on-board and has announced that, as of December, credit pay outs will be much higher via it’s Forza Rewards loyalty system. They also went on to say that Limited Edition owners will be gifted an extra car or two and that all cars will go on sale with 50% off this weekend.

Micro transaction are an ugly thing and I can see them being shoe-horned into a lot of first party Microsoft titles for a while. Hopefully the community stays wrong and tells them where to stick it.

Dave – NGXN

Classic KI Attires Spotted

If you have £16 spare and haven’t bought Killer Instinct for your Xbox One yet, do it now, its pretty awesome.

KI Youtuber, Miles923 has posted up a new video, showing off some new attires we can expect to get our hands on at a later date. These were spotted in the official strategy guide and apparently will be based on classic attires from previous titles.

Personally I doubt I would cough up actual money for them and hope they are instead an in-game unlock, however I expect to see a lot of these little additions over the coming months.

Dave – NGXN

Quantum Break Footage Due 7th Dec

Hey guys, enjoying your X1’s? We sure are here at NGXN and are looking to get our first reviews out the door as soon as possible for you.

As enjoyable as the X1 launch games are however, I think its safe to say that 2014 is when the console is really going to come alive. Some of those annoying quirks I mentioned recently will hopefully be patched and, more importantly, the big name titles will start to make an appearance.

Obviously Titanfall is the main title to watch next year, however another is Remedy’s, Quantum Break, which certainly has my attention. Very little is known about this game yet, however it has been confirmed that choices you make in-game will alter an on-going television series, which sounds pretty interesting.

Geoff Keighley has confirmed that the first Quantum Break gameplay footage will be shown off at VGX on Dec 7th. Mark it in your calendars ladies and gents 🙂

Dave – NGXN

How Much Does It Cost To Make?

Xbox One costs Microsoft $471 to build, according to an upcoming report from IHS.

The largest part of the cost comes from the Kinect camera which is packaged with the system.

According to the report, Kinect’s manufacturing cost is $75 and the console’s combination CPU-GPU from AMD runs in at $110.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Console: $332

Kinect: $75

Controller: $15

Power brick: $25

Headset: $10

Production: $14

IHS released its teardown report on PS4 last week. The system, according to the firm, costs $381 to manufacture.

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