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RE – New Features Trailer

Halo 2 Anniversary Trailer

Master Chief Collection trailer for Halo 2.

This trailer is using the cut scenes from the game that were lovingly re-done by Bluir.

Look how pretty they look. It will be a shame that the whole game doesn’t look like that.

Evolve Alpha Goes Live

The “Big Alpha” for Turtlerock’s upcoming 4v1 shooter, Evolve, goes live on Xbox One today and tomorrow on PS4.


The game looks great but the Alpha is only live for a couple of days so get downloading!

Providing you have pre-ordered the game you should receive your key via email any time now. I personally had a few waiting for me this morning, so have one of each on me 🙂

Xbox: 2X3FY-RX3GV-KDTP2-7P337-C3CGZ

PlayStation: P9J9-EPNA-TDDQ

Dave – NGXN

Battlefield/Battlefront Release Dates