Halo 5 Footage

With the release of the Master Chief Collection (copy should be arriving in the post today), 343 have released some multiplayer footage of the upcoming Halo 5.

Opinions will no doubt be mixed on this one. It looks great to me but it does seem similar to Halo 4, which was criticised for being a little too COD-like.

Remember, the Halo 5 beta test will be open for owners of the Chief Collection during the Christmas break. See you on the battlefield!

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  1. Looks very different. Not a fan of the new voiceover. Will look forward to testing it out after xmas. I am currently sitting next to my X1 at work downloading the Halo Update. Its much faster with a 100mb connection 🙂

    • Looks like a mix of Halo 4 and COD to be honest. I don’t really mind that as the only thing I didn’t like in Halo 4 were the custom loadouts, which have thankfully been scrapped in Halo 5. Its been a while since I’ve played an arena shooter so I’m looking forward to it.

      Lol, nice. I’ll have to kick it off tonight on my 1.5MB connection… 😦 I’m confused, are you “getting” the game today now or is it still going up for Christmas? Let your GF get you Family Guy for Christmas and have Halo now ;D

      • I have pleased with her but sadly no. I am installing the game so I don’t have to once I get it for xmas.

        Never played Halo 4 so I have nothing to compare it to. 343 have said that you get all the powers so the game is a lot more balanced for each player.

      • The update has been running from 8 this morning and as of this time it is at 93%. Bloody glad I have decided to install before I get it.

      • Ahh ok 😦
        Yep, everyone gets each power/ability so you can’t say fairer than that really.
        Wow, ok, looks like an overnight job for me then. My poor X1 is going to melt soon given it was downloading the Titanfall Season pass content over night last night lol…

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