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Merry Christmas!


Just a quick post from us here at NGXN to say Merry Christmas and thank you for supporting the site over the past year. It’s been a lot of fun and we will do it all again in January once the hangovers cease.

See you in the new year! šŸ™‚




Titanfall: Atlas Titan Trailer

Take a deep look at the Atlas class titan. Known as the workhorse of the titan classes, the Atlas excels where all other models fall short. The Atlas continues to out-perform competing technologies on every battlefield.

Halo Spartan Assault Out Now!


It seems Microsoft cannot wait for Christmas and has decided to release Halo Spartan Assault on the Xbox store a day early.

The game is now on the XBL marketplace for Ā£11.99 and is currently downloading to my Xbox One hard drive.

I wasn’t intending to pick this game up yet but I’m a sucker for twin-stick shooters like this and I had some left over Microsoft credit so decided to take the plunge.

Spartan Assault is a port of the mobile game released earlier this year andĀ features a DLC pack andĀ co-op over XBL (no localĀ co-op, boo!).

Dave – NGXN

New DR3 Update Causes Issues


A new update for Dead Rising 3 was released late last week in preparation for the first chunk of DLC coming our way. The update was roughly 5GB – ouch!

Since downloading it, several users have been reporting issues loading their game saves, resulting in the game crashing to the X1 dashboard.

Capcom has acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix, however you may want to use your console in offline mode and avoid downloading the patch in the meantime.

Dave – NGXN