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New EU Dying Light Release Date

Following the recent announcement that the physical version of Dying Light would be delayed, we now have a new release date.


From 27th Feb you will be able to pick up a physical copy of the game, a one month delay over the digital and US versions.

On the bright side, it has been announced that the “Be a Zombie” mode, will be freely available for everyone. Previously this was a pre-order bonus, so not a bad gesture.

Depending on the reviews, I might have to grab a copy as I do love my zombie games.

Dave – NGXN

Physical Copies Of Dying Light Delayed Outside Of US

If you live in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia or Australia and were looking forward to playing Dying Light Jan 27th, unless you download it digitally you are going to be disappointed.


Techland has announced that the physical edition of the game has been delayed, presumably due to printing/stock issues. No new release date has been given but the delay has been quoted as “short”, so hopefully the wait won’t be too long.

The game is £54.99 on the X1 store if you simply cannot wait. Alternatively, its £34.99 for a physical copy from Simplygames…

Dave – NGXN

Dying Light Coming Jan 2015

Since its delay, and indeed the announcement of the very similar Dead Island 2, Dying Light has sort of gone off the radar a bit, which is a shame as the game didn’t look all that bad.


Well, Techland has finally given us a new release date and its actually a bit closer than I was expecting. Just scraping into the month of January, gamers will be able to pick up this open world zombie game from 30th Jan 2015, ideal for those looking for a new game post-Christmas.

Dying Light will support 4 player co-op and looks to blend the zombie bashing goodness of Dead Island with the parkour action of Mirrors Edge. From the gameplay footage we have seen so far it looks like a nice combination.

Dave – NGXN

9 Mins of Dying Light Gameplay

Another 9 minutes of gameplay footage for Dying Light has emerged online.

While the game doesn’t really appeal to me, I’m impressed how much they are advertising this game. Plus the day/night cycle sounds like a cool concept.

Dave – NGXN